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Dear Guest Pilot,
our flight site "Koenigstuhl" has some special requirements to the pilots. On the one hand this is due to a regulation by the city council that makes the club responsible to record all guest flights.
On the other hand this is due to the peculiarities of the flight site:

  • The start is a forest aisle that quite often makes the wind condition look much better than it actually is.
  • First time you can see the regular landing place is when you made half of your way to it already.
  • You have to cross a river (Neckar) to get to the landing place.
  • Emergency landing places are rare and small (and one is on the riverside).
  • The valley wind can prevent you from reaching the landing place.

The rules may look complicated at first glance. But in the past guests were only allowed to fly at the Koenigstuhl after going through a rather complicated reporting process and as a result there were actually almost no guests flying at the Koenigstuhl. The club worked hard to loosen the regulations and agreed to implement a flight registration system to make the Koenigstuhl available for guest pilots. Take this as a 100% improvement. ;-)

It takes 12 steps until you can make your first flight and many of them are about your own safety.

Legal Preconditions

  1. License
    A valid paraglider license that permits the pilot to fly in Germany.
    Please check:
  2. Insurance
    A valid paraglider liability insurance. Please ensure that it covers flights/incidents inside Germany.

Local Requirements

  1. Experience
    60 recorded flights within the past 24 month.
  2. Registration
    (Please read all of the following steps before you start to register.)
    Create an account at our Flight Registration System (FRS). This is free of charge.
  3. Training
    Attendance at a special flight site introduction including a tree rescue training.
    Usually the training is offered once per month. It takes about 2 hours. It is free of charge.
    Dates are announced in our bulletin board somewhere at the end of this thread. Post a message there if you'd like to attend. (It's a German board but don't worry to write in English.)
  4. Liability Exclusion Statement
    A liability exclusion statement signed by the guest pilot has to be provided to the board of the club. (You may ask for assistance/translation in your training.)
  5. Active FRS Account
    Before you can register flights FRS administration has to enable your account (see 4.) by adding the training date (see 5.) and the date of signature (see 6.).
    Please write an email including the dates to request the activation.
  6. Emergency Numbers
    The following numbers should be stored on your cell phone.
    Tree rescue team:
    +49 179-1348525 (Frank)
    +49 171-4884112 (Uwe)
    +49 163-4874871 (Andreas)
    Emergency: 112

Preparations per flight

  1. Flight Registration
    Enter your intend at the FRS. The registration is valid for 3 days. This is free of charge.
  2. Cell Phone
    A cell phone is mandatory. Check your batteries!
  3. Rescue Kit
    Your rescue kit has to contain the following items:
    - A runner
    - A carabiner
    - A rescue cord with a lead weight
    - A whistle
  4. Check the small blackboard (at the display case, west of the launch site) that the funicular operators are informed about flying activities at our site. Please call this phone number, if there's no record for the current date: +49 6221/22796

All items must be easily reachable in case of a tree landing.
All items should be tied to your harness that they cannot be dropped.


First flight

  1. Mentor
    There are experienced club members who will support you at the start. You have to ask for a mentor in our bulletin board at the end of this thread.

After you managed it to land safely you're prepared to fly at the Königstuhl on your own. Of course you always have to meet the requirements and you have to register your flights in advance.

Happy Landings!

Kurpfaelzer Paragliders